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Chemical Service Waiver Form Dear valued Salon DG Guest You have chosen to receive a chemical service with us. Liability Waiver I have been made aware by a technician of Salon DG that I am choosing to receive a service. I have made my stylist aware of all of the processes I have used on my hair in the recent months to assist in their aassessment of my hair s current status and the process that I need to achieve my desired results. I realize that this is very important information and that any...
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Welcome to another video from papi austin organics my name is Sarah Miller and inside this video I'm going to reveal the one little-known yet powerful organic ingredient that makes hair oil products from Morocco work such wonders for your appearance but I'm not going to stop there so please watch this video until the very end because I'm also going to lift the lid on the best-kept secret amongst celebrity hairdressers the insider trick to achieving smooth silky salon style hair every day of the week finally if having watched this video you do decide to go ahead and buy a bottle of Moroccan made hair oil I have also included a bonus discount code for our best-selling Pappy Austin gold range this can be redeemed by following the link in the show more text below so what is this hydrating hair oil from Morocco and why is it so effective at transforming dull lifeless and damaged hair well this is a product that first became popular in Western countries around the turn of the century up until that point women had to settle for heavy predominantly ineffective serums and treatments most of which would leave a greasy residue build up over time after its launch hair oil from Morocco rapidly became the haircare choice of millions of women around the world it was famed for its smoothing effects and frizz control as well as being lightweight and quick to absorb the fatty acids present in Moroccan made hair oil products also made them an instant hit for those wanting extra moisture shine and manageability the contents of an average bottle of Moroccan made hair oil read very similarly to most mainstream cosmetics there is an element of naturally sourced ingredients cleverly combined with silicones fillers and perfumes to an everyday consumer these ingredients seem equally responsible for the impressive overall results from using the product for those in the know however there is one core component of Moroccan made hair oil that stands head and shoulders above all others in fact to exclude it would effectively render most hair oil products from Morocco as useless and the magical ingredient argan oil or as local Moroccans refer to it are ganea spinosa kernel oil argan oil is extracted from the nuts in the Argan trees that grow in the southwest region of Morocco it is 100% organic and often described by professional beauticians as liquid gold because of its healing restorative and natural hydrating qualities it's also one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small local supply and the limited growing area what most people don't realize is that argan oil is not only the purest and most effective component of Moroccan made hair oil products but that it's sold as a standalone bottle in its own right it's also an extremely versatile oil rich an anti-aging vitamin E that's used to soften and hydrate everything from your hair base skin and nails as well as to tackle problem areas such as psoriasis eczema and stretch marks on hair however is where it really excels...